100+ Indonesian Flirting Phrases – Meaning – Examples

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100+ Indonesian Flirting Phrases – Meaning – Examples

You’ve got discovered plenty of essential Phrases in Indonesian, such as for example company Phrases and Shopping Phrases. This time around, we’re going to learn another phrase that is important that is about Indonesian flirting expressions. Consequently, perhaps it may assist when you wish to inquire about somebody for date and sometimes even relocate to more relationship that is serious.

Everbody knows in Bahasa Indonesia, you will find kinds of pronoun for ‘I’ and ‘you’. Often an individual in/or going to own a partnership, they normally use pronoun ‘aku’ (I) and ‘kamu (you). Both have significantly more intimate much less rigid sense than other people pronouns for ‘I’ and ‘you’. But, it backs from the people once more. Browse additionally Indonesian Pronouns and Indonesian to English Grammar

Indonesian idioms related to love or flirting

  • jantung hatiku = my love, apple of my attention both jantung and hati are translated as ‘heart’ in English
  • dara manisku = my girl( that is sweet friend
  • sehidup semati = everlasting
  • pujaan hati = hearrthrob (also for idols)
  • bahtera rumah tangga = householdbahtera means ark, so it will be perhaps maybe not household that is usual but a family group that develop as well as teamwork by a guy and a female much like building an ark
  • cinta abadi = love that is endless
  • cinta sejati = love that is true
  • bidadariku = my angel
  • pasangan hidup = spouse/partner in Indonesia, its forbidden for few to reside together without legalization from formal marriage
  • menembak = ask anyone to be his/her boyfriend/girlfriend Menembak literal meaning is shoot someone. But, menembak could means shoot into some body heart (deepest feeling) instance: Andi menembak Lita could means Andi shot Lita or Andi asked Lita to be his gf. Read more