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Western Virginia Foundation for Rape Ideas and Solutions

Dating Violence

What exactly is Dating Violence?

(Drawn from CDC, 2017, 2018; Dating Violence site Center, n.d.; nationwide Center for Victims of Crime, 2012)

Dating violence is managing, abusive and aggressive behavior against someone on a night out together or an ongoing or former dating partner. It could take place in individual or electronically.

Samples of managing techniques a person might make use of with people they truly are or have actually dated include:

Types of punishment and violence an person might utilize against individuals they’ve been or have actually dated are categorized because:

Another exemplory case of managing and abusive behavior in a dating situation carries a dating partner coercing another into forced labor or commercial sex acts (individual trafficking).

Is Dating Violence just like Domestic Violence?

In certain circumstances, dating physical physical physical violence is equivalent to domestic physical physical physical physical physical physical violence. Read more