Newsvine Some of the news that’s fit to print, along with other stuff

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Newsvine Some of the news that’s fit to print, along with other stuff

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Newsvine, a news-aggregation and commentary site, started to public access a couple of days ago and it has received one or more favorable review among the running a blog punditry. I have poked across the site myself, and I have impressions that are few

  • Even though many have contrasted Newsvine to Bing News (in terms of the availability of news from “bona fide” sources) Newsvine’s just source for the moment appears to be the Associated Press cables, while Bing Information attracts on sources throughout the variety of news media posted online.
  • The 2nd of Newsvine’s three content sources stories “seeded” by users resembles Digg and other news-aggregation sites “controlled” by their users, but the quantity of visible seeded stories is notably restricted (25-100), and another cannot easily discern how those tales are positioned or ordered.
  • The most revolutionary of Newsvine’s content columns authored by users is apparently probably the most promising. But again, how does an individual locate all available comumnists? And how are they ordered or placed on the internet site if they’re not being specifically searched for?

The service yet has time to grow and evolve and of course, its content base will be heavily dependent upon the contributions of its users while i may not be as enthusiastic others about Newsvine. I am going to not give up on this web site as of this time; in fact, I’m trying it away as being a subscribed individual . Read more